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Data Protection

 The information you provide is recorded and stored in the database Ahi Automaten GmbH. The data is passed to external data companies whose services Ahi Automaten GmbH enlists for processing the data. These companies may be located inside the EU. Your address and your email address will be used to inform you by post or email about subsequent Ahi Automaten GmbH.


1. Ahi Automaten GmbH protects personal data in compliance with the legal requirements for data protection and data security. When you visit our website, information is collected and used as explained below. This data protection declaration applies for websites of Ahi Automaten GmbH, but not for websites of third parties, even if there is a link to them from our websites.



2. For data collected in Europe, the processing - even if transmitted abroad - is subject to the legal requirements of the country in which the data is collected. 

In cases where the collection of personal data and its transmission to official bodies is not covered by a standard customer agreement, it is carried out exclusively in accordance with the legal requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany.


If we collect personal data, we will inform you, as the party concerned, of the following:


- the identity and contact address of the person responsible for processing the data.

- the intended scope and purpose of recording, processing and using the data.

- in cases where personal data is forwarded to third parties, you will be informed of the scale and purpose of the transmission. 

- the nature of the data processing and/or use.

- your legal rights.


We will issue the above information to you the first time your data is recorded, and then as required on request.


In cases where the collection, processing or use of the data is not necessary for the purposes of contract facilitation or fulfilment, or if no legal permission has been granted, we shall request your consent at the start of recording, processing or using your data at the latest.


Personal data may only be forwarded to third parties on a specific legal basis which can result from the fulfilment of a contractual obligation with you, or from your explicit consent.


4. Ahi Automaten GmbH forwards personal data to external data companies whose services Ahi Automaten GmbH enlists for processing the data. These companies may be located outside the EU. Ahi Automaten GmbH has its own data protection officer who is responsible for consulting with appropriate bodies on the legal requirements and for ensuríng that the basic principles of data protection are upheld. 

You are entitled to demand correction of your personal data if this is incomplete or incorrect. We will respond immediately to legitimate requests for the deletion or barring of data. In cases where an individual has the right to have his/her data deleted, but deletion is not possible or is unreasonable, we shall bar the data from unauthorised use. We adhere to the legal retention limits.


5. Please feel free to contact us in writing (email, fax, letter) if you would like to request to have your data changed or deleted, or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding data protection.

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